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“We’re Not Just Recruiters, We’re the Industry Insiders”

We Provide Proven Solutions

You have an open position to fill.  It’s a need, it’s a problem.  We have the solution...a process to deliver a candidate you can hire fast, without any hassles.

We know there are no simple formulas for completing a successful talent search. Most of the individuals best suited for your needs are not active job seekers. However, by conducting the proper research, using the latest technology and applying our professional expertise, we’ve produced an enviable record of success. We work closely with you, our industry contacts, and with our vast network of placed candidates who provide us with quality referrals.

As your recruitment partner, we consider each assignment an important component of our relationship. And we work hard to achieve success every time. This caring and tenacious approach is why clients keep coming back to Energy Search Partners.

Whether searching for the general manager of a billion dollar company, staffing an entire sales force for an international conglomerate or recruiting a highly specialized engineer for a recently launched start-up, matching the right employee with the right company is what we do best. By continually exceeding expectations , we develop long-term partnerships with our clients and the candidates we place. After all, the candidates we place today are our clients of tomorrow.

Each of our client companies has a different hiring need or goal. Therefore, we offer various types of searches customized to fit your company’s situation. The most common types of searches include:

A contingency search may be used for ongoing openings, typically for sales staffing. Payment is due upon the candidate’s start date and there is a 30-day replacement guarantee.

Retainer / Executive Search
This option is primarily used when a position must be filled within a specific period of time. An extended guarantee is provided and candidates are exclusively presented to the client. We guarantee an agreed-upon number of in-person interviews.

This method is for high priority positions and is typically selected for sales, marketing, and middle management staffing needs. An agreed upon engagement fee is required to begin the search. Final payments are due upon the candidate’s start date. We guarantee an agreed-upon number of in-person interviews and an extended guarantee is provided.

Fees are based on the level of search. Our fees are highly competitive and are determined on an individual basis.

What Keeps Energy Search Partners Working Hard for Your Company?

  • Mutually professional relationship and respect.

  • Urgent / critical need to hire.

  • Hiring process of less than three to five weeks.

  • Employer willingness / ability to sell prospective candidates.

  • Competitive compensation / benefits / training / career growth / working conditions.

  • Realistic job specification.

  • Exciting company to sell to prospective candidates.

  • Timely decisions regarding candidates for another interview or elimination.

  • Timely decisions regarding offer.

  • Timely communication regarding return phone calls for changes in requirements / specifications / agenda to hire changes / feedback after interview.

What Prevents Energy Search Partners from Working Hard for Your Company?
  • Lack of communication.

  • Lengthy process.

  • Inability to decide. (Eliminate candidate or set up next step quickly)

  • Multiple changes to specifications.

  • Hiring freeze.

  • Multiple recruiting sources being used by the client.

  • ”Send me a resume” request versus setting up face to face interviews.

  • Request for initial interviews to be telephone screens versus commitment to conduct initial face to face interviews.

  • No return phone calls.

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